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THEY improv Presents: The Grapes of Laugh

Comedy shows for wineries and vineyards have a very different feel than shows at other types of venues. The venues are more cultured, the people are more refined, and the effect of the alcohol has a more positive impact on the mood of the clientele. 

We have a variety of approaches to handle different sized groups as well as for changing circumstances.

We can approach entertainment at wineries and vineyards in several ways:

IMPROV COMEDY: A mainstay of comedic entertainment, an improv comedy show involves taking suggestions from audience members and performing comedic pieces based on those suggestions. Shows range from 30 to 90 minutes and can even include workshop elements where we teach audience members how to perform and may invite them on-stage to entertain the rest of the audience. We can easily structure such shows to take on specific themes or to even incorporate elements of the venue into the show.

STAND-UP COMEDY: Considered the standard for a comedic show, we have a variety of talent at different levels and with varying backgrounds. This allows us to put together shows with one, two or three performers and the shows can have performers with similar backgrounds to be better for specific audiences.

SKETCH COMEDY: We have professional comedy writers and performers that can develop customized shows based on the venue, the audience, holidays or just about anything else. While costing a bit more due to the additional work involved, this can be a fun opportunity to entertain while delivering a message.

From the California Vineyards of Sonoma County and Napa Valley, to the wineries of upstate new York, we understand the needs for wineries to entertain their guests while maintaining the atmosphere of the venue. Simply contact us to find out how The Grapes of Laugh can come to your venue.

Simply contact us to find out more about the options that we can bring to entertain your group or improve your venue. This includes working on single events for private clients or for regular public shows that can bring attention and guests to your venue.

You can contact THEY improv by phone at 866-219-4386 or email us at

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